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Сервис для повышения доверия к бренду и увеличения продаж на 30% благодаря экспертным видео звонкам

«Видео менеджер» легко адаптируется под любой бизнес.
All your operator needs is a

computer or phone

and one of messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

Real-time overview of your products and services+ demonstration of the features

С помощью «Видео менеджера» вы сможете в режиме реального answer all their questions, review products or services, and demonstrate their features. It is convenient, fast, and efficient. Companies that already have implemented video consultations intheir practice have seen a sharp increase in sales in a month.

Quick viewing of the product with your own eyes + an opportunity to ask questions in real-time

If a customer has a question or needs to discuss the details предстоящей покупки, он может связаться с вами с помощью «Видео менеджер» а, совершив два клика. Это просто и быстро — «Видео менеджер» интегрируется прямо на and is available to clients from any page on the site. You do not need to register or use other programs to contact the operator. The customer will be able to get the necessary information quickly, look at the product with their own eyes and ask any question in real time.

«Видео менеджер» уже успешно
applied in these areas:

Medical services and veterinary medicine (telemedicine)

Всё больше частных клиник и государственных медицинских организаций наряду со стандартными услугами предлагают пациентам удаленные видеоконсультации. Ваши профессиональные специалисты с помощью «Видео менеджер» а смогут провести предварительный осмотр, выявить первичные симптомы и дать рекомендации.

Online Training

С помощью «Видео менеджер» а вы сможете прямо на вашем сайте запускать обучающие трансляции, читать лекции, проводить семинары, вебинары и тренинги – в индивидуальном и групповом формате.

Retail and wholesale sales

To meet all customers ' expectations and avoid product returns you should demonstrate the product in details. The fact is that a high quality image does not convey the features, characteristics and size. The use of video gives a guarantee and increases the credibility to your company.

Property and automobile

Никто не хочет покупать «кота в мешке», особенно когда речь идет о недвижимости или личном транспорте. Вот только тратить время на просмотр всех вариантов клиент зачастую не может. Предоставьте ему возможность исследовать дом или машину с помощью «Видео менеджер» а. Проведите для него видеоэкскурсию - расскажите обо всех нюансах, покажите детали.

Technical support

Technical support specialists know better than anyone that it is not so easy to explain the problem in words. To show is a faster way. Research shows that the support service is 67 percent more effective when video is used. The function of displaying the screen is irreplaceable in such cases.

Finance and insurance

In the field of finance and insurance it is always difficult to gain the client's trust. Thus online conversations, video consultations and discussion of the client's problematic issues are so necessary. Your specialists will be able to identify the client's personality by the video and help them solve any problems.

А также «Видео менеджер»
is also used in:



Book publishing

Furniture manufacturing


Audit and consulting


Interior design

Video marketing is the most important trend
for the coming years.

Many companies already use video to demonstrate their products. Join us as live mode increases loyalty and creates trust. All your managers need for work is a mobile phone and any messenger.

Easy to use

Customers will not need to register or use other programmes to contact you. The request form for video consultation is displayed on all the necessary pages of your site.

Be always in touch!

Available for any device

Мы интегрируем «Видео менеджер» на ваш ресурс и адаптируем под your business. You can use it both from a desktop computer and from any mobile device.

Screen display function

This convenient feature allows you to broadcast the client's screen image to you. Thus you can always understand the goals perfectly and provide technical support promptly.

Forwarding option

«Видео менеджер» позволяет подключать к разговору сразу If you realized during the conversation that the client needs another specialist, you can quickly forward the request.

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Our mission is to increase your sales
by 10 times without extra investment.

«Video is an irreplaceable tool in sales. Video consultations will help your customers understand the benefits and advantages better because you show the product live»

Your employees won't need anything but a smartphone to use «Видео менеджера».

Ivan Afanov

Chief Operating Officer


Of customers
intend to buy product after a video consultation.
of advertising agencies
confirm that video usage is even more effective effective than TV advertising .

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